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If you are interested in knowing more about Gloria Deo Cooperative, please read all documents below:

Holding fast to the Word of God in a time of relativistic values, the Gloria Deo Classical Homeschool Cooperative seeks to demonstrate the priorities laid forth in Scripture.

Through a full program, committed membership and cooperative teaching, we strive to support each other in homeschooling our children.

The co-op meets one full day a week for 32 weeks. We meet on Mondays at Orchard Community Church, 2285 Latta Road in Greece.

**A full-day family visit on a meeting day in March is required for prospective members. If you would like to schedule a visit, please complete this form or call Karen Buck at 414-8149.

Welcome from the Director and Application Overview
for the 2018-2019 school year


I am Karen Buck, the Gloria Deo Cooperative and Planning Team director. I hope that you will find answers here to your questions. If not, feel free email me directly at I know you have come here to learn more about our co-op. Thank you so much for your current interest.

If you are new to our co-op and/or have an interest in joining our co-op for the following school year, I want you to be aware of our membership process. The order of this process is important and has been carefully thought through to ensure a smooth process.

1st:  At the top of this site you'll find both our constitution and documents. These provide a detailed introduction to the nature of our co-op. You are free to review this material at your leisure. It would be beneficial for you to highlight and/or take notes, noting specific areas you might like to further discuss.

2nd: Plan a visit to our co-op. Complete this form and expect a follow-up call from a member of our group. Presently we only have four visiting weeks available--March 5, 12, 19 & 26--so don't let them slip by! We ask that you bring all your children that would participate at the co-op as well.  

Appointments are required for co-op visitation. Teachers will prepare for your children's visit to their classes, and the planning team will set aside time in their schedule to assist and meet with you. 

3rd: Visit!  :)  Our co-op opening assembly begins at 8:40 and classes end at 4:00. Parents visit classes with their children to see what their classes will be like and often visit classes they might enjoy teaching. Students visit their present grade level, or sometimes the grade level they will be joining next year. At some point during your visit we will schedule an interview, which provides you an opportunity to meet with the planning team. This time offers you an opportunity to ask questions and get to know us better.

We ask that visitors come for the whole day. Co-op is a full school day, and it is important that you have the opportunity to see what it is like to be there the whole day before you commit to a school year.

4th: Submit your application by April 10. This early enrollment allows us to make necessary plans as we seek excellence for our students. It is common for new member application forms to be handed in at the end of the day of your visit. However, they may be mailed in separately as well. Included in the application are reference materials that also need to be received by the Planning Team.

Upon completion of those steps, the applications (including reference forms) are reviewed and after Planning Team approval are taken to the co-op for discussion and vote. Please be assured, any confidential matters are kept private and are not shared with the group. This is a valuable part of the process as members may have questions that assist the co-op and prospective member in determining whether the co-op is a good fit for a new member and to make the transition to joining a good experience.

This process is one which mutually assists both the prospective member and the cooperative to ensure that we have common and complementary goals. There are many homeschool support groups. Ours serves a specific mission and niche within the classical Christian community we strive to serve.

I hope that this gives you a useful overview of the application process. Feel free to ask questions or give me a call. Thanks again for your interest!

Soli Deo Gloria!

-Karen Buck

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